Dear Diary

5th July 2017
Since the weather has been a lot nicer these days, I’ve decided to start eating my lunch outside, in the park opposite our building. That’s where I saw the strangest man. At first I thought nothing of him. He was just some old guy, sitting on a bench feeding the ducks. But then the most bizarre thing happened. He got down on his knees, took out a tape measure and started measuring them! The ducks! He’d measure one, take out a notepad and scrawl something down, and then he’d shoo the duck away and do the same with another one. And afterwards he just walked off! It was crazy! Definitely going back there for lunch tomorrow; dinner and a show!

6th July 2017
He was there again! This time he was measuring practically everything; trees, benches, the width of the footpath. Even pigeons! Ducks are one thing, but how the hell do you measure pigeons? I go near one and it flies away, but this guy? It was like they didn’t even notice he was there. Something weird is definitely going on with that man.

7th July 2017
Didn’t see him today. Felt gutted. This was starting to get interesting.

10th July 2017
He was in the pond! The freaking pond! I sat down with my lunch, and I couldn’t see him. After last week’s no show, I thought that was the end of it. But then he just came right out of the water! He was wearing a diving suit and everything! But that wasn’t even the strangest part. It was like no one else could see him, just like the birds a few days ago. What the hell? Some old man comes out of a pond in a wetsuit and no one gets their phones out to take a picture? No one even batted an eye! To be fair, this is only my fourth day eating lunch here. Maybe he’s just some senile old man who does this every day, and everyone is just used to him?

11th July 2017
Colour swatches today. I watched him take out a booklet containing around fifty shades of grey and hold them up, one at a time, to a nearby rubbish bin. That was when we made eye contact. He got to his feet and started walking towards me, retrieving the tape measure from his long brown coat as he did so. I got up and left straight away. No way I’m going back to that park anymore.

12th July 2017
Fuck! He was waiting for me outside work! When I came out he was measuring people who were walking past. They couldn’t see him! I don’t mean they just ignored him. They literally couldn’t see him! How do I know? He measured some guy’s kid, she must have been no older than two, and the dad didn’t even flinch! Then he saw me and started coming for me again. Fastest walk home ever. I pray to God he didn’t follow me.

13th July 2017
I called in sick today. Maybe if the man thinks I don’t work there anymore, he’ll leave the place alone.

14st July 2017
Oh God, where do I start? I had a really dumb idea while I was in bed last night, so I called in sick again this morning. I went back to where I worked and waited for him. I watched from a phone box on the other side of the street as everyone came out of the building. I could see him, looking for me as all my colleagues filtered out. He must have been there for about half an hour and only left when the lights went out; we’ve kept them on a timer ever since Alice forgot to switch them off that one time. After he left, it was my turn to follow him. We ended up at some storage unit on the outskirts of town. He looked around (I ducked behind some boxes) before taking out a key and opening the massive storage locker. Inside was…well, it outside. Inside the locker was the storage unit we were both standing in! I might have thought it was a mirror, where it not for the fact that neither he nor myself were casting a reflection. Then he stepped inside and just closed it up behind him. Am I going crazy? I must be.

25th July 2017
I haven’t written in here for a while. There doesn’t seem to be much point. There still doesn’t but…I don’t know, I’m hoping it might give me some closure I guess? I followed him back to the storage locker the following day, but this time I didn’t hide myself away. I made sure that when he looked around, I was standing right in plain view. We stared each other down for a few seconds, then he just shrugged and opened the locker. As he went to step into that ‘other’ world I called for him to stop and, to my surprise, he did. I asked him to tell me what was going on, and he actually obliged. He explained how, in his youth, he loved building model railways. But they were never big enough, he told me, or realistic enough. So, one day, he decided to build a replica of the entire town. I was so confused. I asked him how that was even possible. He said he could explain, but it would take a very long time, and it wasn’t worth the effort since I wouldn’t remember anyway. I asked what he meant; if he was going to kill me. He laughed and said…and I’ll never forget his exact words… he said, “Of course I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to melt you down and start again from scratch.” He asked if I had any requests; would I like to be taller? Skinnier? Prettier? I couldn’t speak as the full meaning his words dawned on me. I haven’t been back there since. I haven’t been back to work. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep. I don’t do anything. All I do now is wait, and the waiting is the worst part.


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