A Tail of Biblical Proportions

In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but an old man with a scruffy white beard that fell over his tattered white robe. This man was God, and he was bored. After an eternity of sitting alone in nothingness, who wouldn’t be? Another eternity passed, then another, and then it happened, the sudden realisation that as a being of infinite power, he didn’t have to be bored, or in the dark for that matter.

“Let there be light!” He bellowed, sending a roaring silence throughout the void. A bright radiance following in its wake until the entirety of the universe was coated in a blinding light. God shielded his eyes and considered the possibility that this was, perhaps, a little much. He snapped his fingers and the light retracted, becoming contained within a single fiery red sphere. God looked down at his creation and, upon seeing that it was good, spread out his arms and declared to no one in particular, “I shall call it…The moon!”

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