Dear Diary

5th July 2017
Since the weather has been a lot nicer these days, I’ve decided to start eating my lunch outside, in the park opposite our building. That’s where I saw the strangest man. At first I thought nothing of him. He was just some old guy, sitting on a bench feeding the ducks. But then the most bizarre thing happened. He got down on his knees, took out a tape measure and started measuring them! The ducks! He’d measure one, take out a notepad and scrawl something down, and then he’d shoo the duck away and do the same with another one. And afterwards he just walked off! It was crazy! Definitely going back there for lunch tomorrow; dinner and a show!

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Waking on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Sarah hit the ground; hard. It felt like it was all happening in slow motion. She could feel her nose breaking, her teeth shattering, her eyes bursting in their sockets. She felt the sensation of the truck’s wheels rolling over her body. Time slowed to an even further crawl as the weight crushed her spine. The young woman spent hours in agony as the pressure caused her blood to slowly tear through her skin and spray across the road.

Sarah woke up with a start; her pyjamas and bedsheets were soaked in sweat. “What the fuck?!” She patted herself down to make sure her body was intact. What kind of crazy nightmare was that? She slapped the figure sleeping next to her. “Jess! Jess, wake up!”

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